Parts of machines, an electrical insulator, an old bath. Taken out of context, they become lamps, tables and chairs. I like to reinvent "found objects" and give them a new function, a new lease of life. In the end, they are not just conventional objects, but reinvented and made to shine in a new and completely different manner. We have been conditioned over time to see objects and things in a very standard and uninteresting way, throwing them out when they are of no use to us. This lack of value is just a perception; the world is full of possibilities.



Newest Objects

Studio Ensemble

You often see something a hundred times, a thousand times before you really see it for the first time. Christian Morgenstern

time is relative

Hurry! I never hurry, I have no time to hurry. Igor Stravinksy (1882-1971)

Plagwitzer Stuhl - OSRAM - wall sculpture (fuse board)


OSRAM bulb with industrial steel base

Temporal Chronometer

Infinity: immeasurablility, incalcuability, incomprehensibility, measurelessness, unreckonability, inexhaustibility, countlessness, extending everywhere, without limit

Lindenau Bath - 200kV Insulator Lamp - wall sculpture

Lindenau Bath from Leipzig accompanied by a lamp made from a 200,000 Volt insulator.

Mechanical Universe

We live in a mechanical universe made in our own image where everything even music and poetry are subservient to the laws of science and mathematics.

Siemens-Schuckert Fuse Boards

Obsolete and without a function they take on a new role and another personality, as objects, archaic simple interesting and beautiful.

Book Case Ensemble

Book Case: GDR window from Leipzig framed in a cabinet retrieved from the old Patzenhof Brewery Landsberger Allee Berlin. This Brewery badly damaged during WW2 was once the biggest brewery in Europe. Cast iron legs from an old iron oven.


In Irish mythology Bridgit was the famous daughter of the Dagda.

Lady Lamp Ensemble

Ensemble exhibited at Berlin Schöneweide Kunst am Spreeknie Art Festival Wilhelminenhofstr. July 2014


Old Mannequin circa 1900 made from compressed paper and covered with brown fabric.

Moskvitch 407 - Москвич 407

The Moskvitch 407 (car) was built in Moscow in 1957. The M 407 was the first Soviet automotive export to be truly successful in the West. Sturdy, reliable on sub-standard roads and offered at an affordable price.

Sublime. Sound Box. Sublime.

Life is an instrument - Play it!

Nail Mirror Ensemble

Bridget: nail mirror Langer Kerl: Industrial lamp Bath seat

black bakelite

Bakelite covers electrical equipement 1930,s industry Leipzig and GDR Funkhaus Berlin.


This wall sculpture is made from one hundred and thirty three ceramic fuses from the GDR period in Leipzig.

- A day is a miniature eternity -

handmade Enamel pocket watch faces peppered with small ladies wrist watches


- light and life - Elegant light object with dimmer control

Cast Iron Ceramic Cable Splitter Box

Cast Iron Ceramic Cable Splitter Box shines with new life in the best light.

watch the time

wall clock made from wrist watches

Start a Revolution

Beginning reform is beginning revolution. (Duke of Wellington, 1830) So I went into my Atelier and started to reform the torch into a light.

Lindenau Bath

The bath recovered in 2012 had a strong desire to start a new life and reinvent itself. What could I do! Only assist. It is now a very comfortable chair where one can sit read drink Powers Whiskey and relax.

Plagwitzer Chair

The Plagwitzer Chair is made from old metal water pipes (ca 1900) recovered from the Baumwollspinnerei in Leipzig. The upholstery is thick leather made from an old vaulting horse, used once either for mititary training or in a local gymnasium.The chair - industrial in style - is reminiscent in some ways of the 1920ies and Bauhaus.

Barcelona Bench

Dreaming of warm summer nights in Barcelona, on bitterly cold winter nights in Leipzig. A eccentric couch made from pipes valves and steel with a "palm tree" to rest under. Materials collected and seat manufactured in the Baumspinnerei in 2004. You have to dream, the realization is often more difficult.