My performances were born out of boredom and frustration with convention to be honest. We are all special, unique human beings and need to shine as individuals, but we allow ourselves to become standardised, entrapped, betraying our natural vitality and human spirit. Conformity, convention and perception can be our prison - towing the standard line can be stifling.  

Performance for me is playing with the idea that the ordinary can become the extraordinary. 




Satirical performance concerning the waste and futility of war. A Russian and an Irishman drive a cardboard tank to their local Bar in Berlin. Performance concept by Alexander Prokogh Performed by Alexander Prokogh and John Power

Radio Transmission - Sendung

We have invented a mechanical universe made in our own image, governed by science and mathamatics. Where even poetry and music are subservient to order and a formula. We torture our reasoning brains to develope practical applications for our theories in Logic rationalism and analysis, and things that can be weight and measured. But the human is a strange and complex creature, a being darkly wise and rudely great – a child of nature who refuses to thrive on a formula – a creature whose mind is fit to inhabit two worlds and is dwarfed and distorted if it is confined to one. Nature can not be put in a box and sold.

Smoking helmet performance, Grogans, Dublin 1998

After spending 10 years going to my favorite haunt, Grogans in South William Street in Dublin I knew my time was up. In the back of my mind I knew somehow that I would be leaving Ireland. This particular night I arrived in completely in disguise with my smoking helmet on.