Smoking helmet performance, Grogans, Dublin 1998


After spending 10 years going to my favorite haunt, Grogans in South William Street Dublin I knew my time was up. In the back of my mind I knew somehow that I would be leaving Ireland.

This particular night I arrived in completely in disguise with my smoking helmet on. Nobody had an idea who I was. After ordering a pint of Guinness and a Hamlet Cigar I lit up and proceeded to blow the smoke out through the pipes. As the smoke shot out through various openings at the top of the helmet the customers were amused.

Many regulars didn't realise that after all the wonderful nights I had had in Grogans I was finally bored with the scene. The dressing up and the performance was a kind of physical manifestation of my state of mind. I was yearning to experience something different and make a complete change in my life.