About me

Materials like steel, glass, concrete, plastic, etc., have always fascinated me. Ever since childhood sitting out in the back yard trying to hammer a nail into a piece of wood. 

Working as a technician in industry and building services for many years had a profound effect on me, so when I started working as an artist, I wanted to create my own devices and machines, endowed with philosophic and esthetic qualities.

Everything belongs in nature and creation. Beauty can be found in the most unlikely of places for those with eyes to see, so why not in industry and technology? 

Spending my youth playing in the fields and woods of southeast Ireland, and my adult years working in cities and industry, I wanted to unite and reconcile these parts of me within my art work. Seemingly hard unfeeling industry can have a spirit and beauty of its own. Beauty is not just confined to an art gallery or a flower. I have experienced this first hand, having worked in many electrical rooms under the city of London and in the deserts of Saudi Arabia.