G11 Galerie

G11 ( English: Group 11) was founded in the Baumwollspinnerei in Leipzig in 2006. A loose collection of artists, all of whom had Ateliers in Gebäude 11 or building 11, across the street from Eigen+Art, the renowned International Leipzig and Berlin Gallery.

John Power was the only Sculptor or installation artist in the group and he had his workshop in another part of the Spinnerei complex. It was Lexander Prokogh who had the initial idea to form the group, and small exhibitions were organised in the foyer on the first floor of Building 11 during the many ´Rundgangs´ or regular exhibitions that took place in the former Cotton spinning factory in Leipzig, once the biggest in Europe. The massive complex is well known today for the Leipzig School of Painting, its International Galleries and of course Artist,s such as Neo Rauch.

After a period of time the numbers of Gruppe 11 participants dwindled down to just three Artists. John Power Sculptor - Installation Artist - Ireland. Lexander Prokogh Painter  - Russia and Hendrik Voerkel Painter - Germany.