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I have worked for many years in Industry, as well is in the arts and culture sector. I know what it is like to work within the structure of Institutions and what it is like to be on the outside. 
I have read widely on many topics, travelled, and have had a life full of experience doing many things, a kind of open University if you like. Educational Institutions are extremely important to give students and older mature adults a good grounding in many subjects, but there are many other ways that people can  learn and be inspired.

Everything is connected, as I always say, but a kind of divide and conquer system has kept us apart from ourselves for a long time, which is of an artificial construct. The industrial revolution and the Capitalist system of today require specialists:  engineers, secretaries, salesmen, accountants to do the necessary work required, but people are much more than that, and in a rapidly changing world we now have the opportunity to be more individual and creative with our lives.
Perhaps you want to start a new business, becoming an artist, or begin a new way of life outside the norm. 
Like William Blake and his „doors of perception“ : Only when we truly open our eyes and see the world that we live in free from the baggage of conformity and conditioning, only then can we discover the true power of our individual potential and imagination. This new world view and change of attitude about many things can alter and enrich our lives.

If you are interested in one of my talks or workshops, please send me an e mail, I would be delighted to get in contact. 



Talk and Workshop:

University of Applied Science Chur, Switzerland. 5th of October 2016   
Topics: Originality - Creativity  - Perception 

The next workshop at the University in Chur March 2017.

Talks also on the following subjects:

A beginners guide to German history.

The German Reformation.

The origins of the Reformation and its developement in Europe. 

Leipzig and its legendary personalities.